“Instead we select the replacements from the heifers we buy in for the feedlot.That way we join everything to Limousins, including heifers, which maximises the profitability of the calves.” As with most producers running Limousin cattle, the Galati’s have no problems with temperament.

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Rodney together with his father, John, have a good eye for bulls and know what they are looking for to produce the type of cattle the processors they are supplying to are demanding.

When it comes to processor feedback that is when the Galati’s do focus on the numbers.

“Consignment after consignment the Limousin cross cattle come out on top for yield and profitability,” Rodney said.

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Rodney was honoured that his family’s cattle had been recognised in such a well contested competition, but not all that surprised with how well their cattle had performed.

“The pen we entered into the competition was typical of the cattle we are breeding for our own feedlot operation.

The Limousin cross pen dressed out at an average carcase weight of 254kg which equated to a 52% yield.

In terms of feedlot profit there was a massive 2.90 per head difference in profit between the lowest recording entry, which recorded a loss of 1.20 and the top pen that recorded a profit of 1.70 per head.

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