When I started seeing the ads for the DVD release of this year’s Matthew Mc Conaughey/Jennifer Garner movie, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” I noticed something awfully curious happening in the movie poster, which is also evidence of a creeping trend in Mc Conaughey’s career of movie posters: He simply can’t seem to face his co-stars!

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But of course, though his hands are smugly safe in his pockets, he and his lady are touching just enough to make her want him.

But the leaning tower of Matt had only just begun …In 2006, Matthew took on a new opponent in love in “Failure to Launch”: Sarah Jessica Parker.

Of course, someone always had a suggestion of a great woman.

I was happy people still thought of me but it was actually pretty tiresome and exhausting.

In other words: exactly the kinds of guys single women should be wary of dating! His back is to the women and his arms are either crossed or on himself—both signs of a guy who is not open to a relationship.

Yes, it’s fun to take on the challenge of turning a self-assured man into a bumbling idiot in love with you, but that involves a lot of tears and frustration, and doesn’t always end happy. Those usually involve an adoring man, on his knees professing his love and meaning it. Keep an eye out for the guys who want to face you with arms open, who aren’t poised to walk in the other direction. You don’t need to wade through the ups and downs of a leaning man leading you on first.

Well, I’ll give you my two cents, but first, more examples.